How do I promote my open source projects?

I mean, @ai (Andrey Sitnik) have published nanoid and received about 600 github stars in just one first day. I have recently published Tears, webserver for SPA, and received only 7 stars, all of them from my friends.

I've tried posting on hackernews (3 upvotes), github tags, several gitter chats, with absolutely no impact.

So how do I promote my projects?

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    I guess it could be interesting to know ^^
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    Also post on some subreddits.
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    @piedcipher wow, really? I didn't knew that! Thanks a lot! 😎
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    your story needs to put your potential user in the center. Mainly how he is gonna be awesome and overcome hurdles that he would not or hardly overcome on his own. And your sideproject is is his fellow companion who guides the way towards victory and happyness.
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