I feel sad for some of my officemates. They are required to go to office today due to client support stuff, and it's a Sunday. They should be resting, be with their family/love ones/pet/bed, playing games, or whatever they want to do on a rest day. :(

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    I'm working today too 😢😢😢
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    Reading this, i remembered my old workplace, we had to work on saturdays and be on call for sundays.
    It was sad.

    Don't you feel that saturdays and sundays should be off to every one...
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    @4nur44g unfortunately it can't be off to everyone, imagine a day where we have no police, paramedics, hospitals, fireman, etc?
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    Ohh. By every one i meant developers...
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    Glad I don't do system admin.
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    I have a bit of a hangover btw. Don't tell it to your officemates 😁
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    Yeah, major system maintenance takes place in the Saturday-Sunday overnight. I've done it many times as a sysadmin. I've almost always gotten Monday as a comp day though.

    My current job doesn't involve any of that. No oncall either. So after 5 and on weekends, my time is my own. I love it.
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    @bahua Good for you! I imagine you earned it. 🌈
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