Can someone suggest tips to code faster?

In the last few days ive only written + commited 114 LoC which is not enough imho.

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    What typing speed?
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    If you've been doing the same thing for weeks, do a small task in a different language for a different project for 3 days. If you've only just started, spend less time deciding the perfect paradigm and just put down some code.
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    @gorsamp No I didnt just start, I am quite familiar with programming. The thing is that lately a lot of stuff (parents being frenetically stressing around school) happened. Also, I am extremely tired
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    @gnulinuxer4fun When I say start, I don't mean coding in general, I mean the specific project whic you wrote 114 loc for. You've sailed the seas for years, but in a single voyage putting into port may be the wisest way to catch more wind.
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    I hate measuring productivity using LOC/time. low LOC/bug fix is much better.
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    @gorsamp O. Well I started the project one week ago, then I was forced to stop working on it for a few days [parents]. and now I cant find the initial productivity I had
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    @magicMirror except I should have implemented this feature in maybe half a day, at most one. But Im stuck at it since a week
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    My best work sums up as negative LoC. Lines of code is bullshit. You got tasks, you split them in smaller tasks, then you guess how much time they will take and after it's done you evaluate how much your estimation was off and maybe why. Repeat that a hundred times and you will be able to roughly guess times.

    If it's a hobby, try to do a little bit daily so you don't lose momentum. It gets harder to get into it the longer your break was.
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    Progress is made when you have less code when you are finished.
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    You definitely need time and not getting distracted.

    Finally had time this weekend and something I wanted to write, just finished coding the core logic and de-bugging (~5 hrs).

    It also depends on the complexity... I'm a developer on weekdays but most of that stuff I can do without much thinking... LoC a lot, interesting... No.

    And at least half of those 5 hours was just thinking and rethinking how to implement it. In general I think the most interesting stuff involves more thinking rather than coding.
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    LOC != Productivity
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    @rookiemaverick but they imply productivity. i mean: i wasnt productive at all and couldnt get one simple feature done in one week
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    Maybe you should get some sleep.
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