My first unintentional "hack" was in middle school, I had been programming for a couple years already and I was really bored.

My school had blocked facebook, twitter and so on because most students are lazy and think everything revolves around their "descrete" cleavage picture's likes. Any way, I thought most would be naive and desperate enough to fall into a "Facebook unblocked" app at the desktop, the program was fairly simple just a mimicking FB page done on C# ASP that saved user and passwords in an encrypted file.

I distributed it in around 5 computers and by the end of the month I had over 60 accounts, and what did I do? I used it to post a gay relationship between two of my friends on fb (one had a gf), it was dumb but boy did I laughed, after that I erased everything as it didn't seem so important.

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    So a phishing attack? How many accounts did you hack exactly?
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    Sounds awesome!

    I did deploy elitekeylogger that send emails to me with all the keystrokes every night.

    Oh, did I mention that it was me teachers PC?
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    @Mitiko well I had around 60 valid credentials and at the time fb didn't had two factor authentication so logging in to them was easy, I only snooped into 4 of them tho. At the time I didn't even know what a phishing attack was or that it was illegal.

    @Linux lol that's genius, I did something similar in highschool I'll be ranting about it soon tl;dr I stole the logs of a surveillance software secretly installed by the school's IT admin.
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