"Everyone must attend this meeting. It's really important that you all attend".

Me: *walks into meeting with other co-workers

Host: So what should we discuss today?

Co-worker 1: We can discuss how we did on the recently completed project.

Host: We'll save that for next meeting.

Co-worker 2: Any strategic plans for upcoming project?

Host: That too, for next meeting.

Me: Black Panther.

Host: That was actually a great movie. I saw it over the weekend. Who else saw it? ....

Me (in my thoughts): Just wow! πŸ˜‚

PS: I still haven't seen that movie.

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    For some reason I always dislike really hyped up movies and like the ones that get shitty reviews. Probably sitting this one out since I dislike super hero movies.
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    @IllSlapU I stayed because of the food 😁
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