Went for a job interview today, and learned something very important about myself...

...that I should be permanently banned from writing code on whiteboards, for any reason. I have never seen such ugly code in my entire life. Ugh...

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    You should practice writing code with a pen. It's completely different than writing on a keyboard. You can be the best dev ever and still not be able to write with a pen :p

    Probably there is even muscle memory or some other silly human trait involved.
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    @paranoidAndroid why would someone want to practice this bullshit xD
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    I'm forced to write code on paper because of my exams, but my code is pretty much the same on paper as it is on a computer except writing it on paper takes more time, is annoying and I can't test to see if it works
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    @Kekica Coding job interviews. If you enter the room and there's a whiteboard, you'll know.
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    @paranoidAndroid dont you think that those kinds of interviews are bullshit either?
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    @Kekica Depends whether you want to work for the big boys like Google, Amzon and Microsoft. Then there are smaller companies that pretend to be like the big ones and habe very arrogant interview processes.

    But you're right, I'm glad I didn't get the job at that arrogant startup
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