And now Bell (among others) is pushing to censor the Internet in Canada, too. Why adjust their failing business model when they can just whine and complain, and have the government smash out the competition for them?

Thanks, America. Always paving the way to a big, fat cauldron of shit at the end of the capitalist rainbow.

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    @AleCx04 let's follow the sequence of events ok bb?

    -USA decides to forfeit net neutrality
    -Canada, a country just north of the USA (stay with me here), staunchly supporting net neutrality, suddenly veers off-course
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    @spoiledgoods my point is when this shit happened eeeeeveryone and their mothers was making fun about it and talking about how it would never happen in their own countries and I always said that the rest of the world would follow because every government is corrupted af. Its not like the U.S forced anyone else to adopt this stupidity. Blame your shit representatives like I am blaming mine because rest assured that the citizens are not in favor of it as I am sure Canadian citizens are not for it either.
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    @Alice correct, and why do you have to fight said bs? Thats right because corrupt idiots exist everywhere.
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