Got an interview invitation from HR.

Accepted it without looking at the interviewee's profile (rookie mistake).

Finally looked at his profile. He was 5 times, 5 times more experienced than me. Had a STRONG resume.

Was under pressure a lot of pressure. I realized I was not at all suitable for being this guys interviewer.

Just one good thing. It was his first round and was going to be a telephonic round after which we were going to fly him down.

Clock ticked 6. Time for interview. More nervousness.

Called him. Guy picked up. Introduced myself. In a calm voice he says, he is busy with a very critical bug. Can we reschedule?

Now this will generally piss me off. But this time I was relieved 😅

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    That phone call would have turned into him interviewing you, followed by him thanking you for your interest but he's moved on to other candidates. 😃🔫
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    @pacohojaverde well there is a possibility that he would have liked me 😋
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    Why does it matter?

    If he passes the technical requirements, move on to other areas.
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    @aaijmrt Yeah, I was just kidding. And just like @Root said, after a few minutes it would obvious that he has the tech skills, so you can spend more time on other matters like does he pass the No Asshole Rule? lol...
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    It's usually helpful to employ people that are better than you in what they're doing. If there is a proper athmospere of trust in the workplace this tends to really get the company forward. So there is nothing wrong with it.
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    @pacohojaverde @Root @Lobidu there is absolutely nothing wrong in me taking his interview. Its just that I was a little overwhelmed and thus the rant 😅
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    Duration != Magnitude
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