I'm holding a programming class today, it's an open-door event, so anyone can come and try it out.
Nothing too much, just basic things.

I've been holding it for 30 min... To no one... No one showed up...

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    Have you publicised it all?
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    Yeah, local TV, radio, posters.

    It's not just programming, there are lots of free classes. But nobody showed up to programming.
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    You need fire the event promotor!
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    Well that sucks :/
    Maybe next time have them sign up with a simple text or online signup form where they just have ik enter their mail address. At least then you know if no one shows up.
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    Sorry to hear that. Do you have FreeCodeCampers in your area? Why not promote there?
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    Damn that feel man
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    We don't, sadly
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