I think: "please send us an email"
is a polite way of saying
"please fuck off and don't call again".

May be I'm wrong 🙄

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    If this is true, I need to talk to a lot of people!!!
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    Depends what it’s about, I ask a lot of clients to send it in an email.

    If I’m in the middle of development for another project I find it much simpler to deal with feature requests/bug reports when I’m back working on their project again, at which point, I may well call them back.
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    Hell no, calling is the root of all miscommunication. People who think calling is efficient should be shot in the face! Email me shit so you can attach error messages and screenshots, and I can read over it twice.
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    You are wrong.
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    Create jira... 😈😈😈😈
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    @commanderkeen but the idea can be lost in the text, I prefer verbal communication then text based
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    Some people are just lazy. They ask you to email and they never even check it.

    I called my bank to complain about an issue. I was told to email. Wow, that's professional I thought. Took my time and crafted a short and concise email. Being almost a month now. I think Gmail servers got really slow af
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    I've worked at a customer service for 12 years, mostly sending emails. The rule of thumb is to prefer calls for a large number of reasons: it's a lot faster (the time you need to email you can do 5 calls), there's a lot less miscommunication, you can immediately answer/ask (extra) questions,... Finally it's the preferred way of communicating when the message is sensitive or negative.

    Basically you send an email when the recipient isn't (easily) reachable by phone or the info would take longer by phone (think Excell sheet).
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