Today I received the best bug report I could've ever asked for..

Received an email from a member of our customer service centre containing a description of the bug they'd found and not only did it contain the steps to reproduce the bug, but a goddamn video of him reproducing the suspected bug!

The greatest feeling when the client decides to take time to make your life that little bit easier

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    Time to drop off a box of ice cream bars with a simple 'Thank you' note.

    You don't even have to leave your name or why...he/she will know. Others will see it, and maybe, subconsciously ... start following suit.

    Showing appreciation can go a long way.
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    @PaperTrail definitely will work out a way to thank them, my first big project and they've been genuinely great clients. :)
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    I know you secretly love vague bug reports. Like “Menu not working” or “Overlapping text”. With nothing else in the bug report
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    @ChainsawBaby Oh dear god please no hahaha need reproduction details
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    Some clients are awesome!
    They were taught to include the ss and what they wanted to do when xy happens. Sometimes they forget but after being asked, they reply promptly with needed data without fuss & a sorry I forgot.. 😍😍😍
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    I once was sent a ticket called "app not working" with no description.
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    @ConnorD I don't see what you're expected to do in those circumstances haha
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    Once we got a bug report from a system tester on customers side including only three random letters (which were next to each other, so we guess the tester just did a short nap on the keyboard). Calling the tester resulted in "WTF do you want from me and why do you check tickets I didn't finish yet." I should mention that this ticket had to be created few days in advance, cause we had quiet long ticket synchronization cycles..
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    @BashouT reproduction details?

    So, have you heard about the bees and the flowers?
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    @ChainsawBaby how about “not updated” well didja refresh!
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    One client went far away, he make an update in his test environment, saw that the bug has been fixed and then he send to me the script for execute in production.

    Best day ever!

    Sorry for my English.
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    @ConnorD just reply: I have checked. Working now.
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    I might have cried
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    I did this for the vodafone app, and after a couple months of no reported fix, I ended up swapping mobile carriers (not a lot of choice in new zealand)

    I gave them as much information as I could possibly think of that would help me if I were in that situation. I even stated the issue didn't exist after their latest update, and that it could possibly be what was updated that could cause the issue, I don't think the bug is fixed to this day :/
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    One of our clients vendors must hate me, last time I walked them through a bug report it contained about 50mb of logs, results from a Javascript profiler, about 40 screenshots, a video, a narrative of other times this had happened etc.
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    @seraphimsystems haha I probably would've been slightly less thankful in those circumstances
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    @BashouT I've emailed them before directly, pointing to the exact error in the developers pages where they discuss how it's a feature not a bug... And then discuss workarounds...
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    @seraphimsystems I feel like they're a wall unwilling to admit their failings at that point then
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    Holy shit, that's awesome! We had a support issue where they were complaining about something not working. One of our teammates emailed them asking for screenshots and an explanation of what they were doing when the issue happened. Client's response: "That's an unreasonable request."
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    @segfault0xff damn, well I think it's more unreasonable to ask for telepathic support :)
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    You know those 'Unfortunately, App has stopped' dialog on Android whenever the application crashes for any reason?
    I once received the screenshot of it. Nothing else.
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    @creator God damn, I hope I never have to feel that pain
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    i wanna be in your frigg heaven
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