2 Days.
Thousands of lines of code analyzed.
Dozens of log files across 6 servers.
Countless pots of coffee.
Much power metal.
One line of code.

Bug fixed.

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    Okay, maybe not thousands of lines of code, but... still.
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    One liner bad code review...
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    damn. you need to centralize your log files. use something like papertrail. (no affiliation)
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    power metal! \m/
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    Yeah I know this. Few months later I was supposed to write a module for an intern program that will authenticates users via LDAP instead of the default authentication mechanism. In the documentation is that it supports external modules natively and I should just uncomment and edit one line in config file to make it work. It didn't work. So I read thousands lines of code without comments to see what is going on. At the end of day I found that the program redirected input to /dev/null instead to my module. I was just wtf? Are you serious?
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    This code is over 10 years old in some parts and has had dozens of developers touch it - both paid and volunteer.

    I think the last count I did was almost 750k total lines of code.
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    @xorith Sounds like stuff where I work.... Some of that code I wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole, but I've only been working there a little over a year.
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    @Onyx1640 This is my 'side job' or 'weekend fun'. MMO game dev/server admin. I have a weird sense of 'fun' and 'hobby'.
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