Why would someone install virtualbox or wine to run internet explorer?

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    No kink-shaming, some people are into unusual stuff. :P
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    At least there are no Fortune 500 companies using IE8 or IE8 conpatibility mode anymore, right? RIGHT...?
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    Where I work, some sites require IE or Edge.
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    I did for a time. I'm a Linux-only user, and I wanted to apply for a job at a major university where I live.

    The only browser the site worked on was IE. So I installed IE under PlayOnLinux/WINE.

    After I applied, I found the site worked on Midori, so I downloaded that and scrapped IE.
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    Working on Linux and needing to check compatibility on IE and Edge is a huge pain in the ass.
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    Because Indian govt sites don't work on chrome and you need them to fucking file taxes.

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    Fully pledged linux user here. I always install IE7 to my wine prefixes, to check some compatibilities for my small website.

    Also, some applications ( mostly pre 2010 ) require IE to get data from internet, so its almost a must, unfortunately :(
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    @rohbaert Thats what I use browserstack for.
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    Silver light?
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