I ranted about this guy before who thought he was a security expert while hardly knowing what the word is probably. Today I met him again at a party.

Holy fucking shit, this guy.

"we use the best servers of the netherlands"
"we use a separate server for each website and finetune them"
"we always put clusters under servers, that way we have a fallback mechanism"
"companies mostly use bv ssl certificates"
"you're on call for a week? I'm full-time on call. Why I'm drinking alcohol then? Because fuck the clients hahaha"


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    So you agree or disagree that guy? 😅 cuz he said "fuck clients"
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    @jakobev Well in the way he said it I think he is highly immature haha
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    @linuxxx I bet he has a fragile ego lol. Seems like an arrogant prick
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    @linuxxx well i get it
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    @jakobev I mean, being on call fulltime? Seeing my own health after one week of being on call, I highly doubt that. Not everyone is the same but this shit is definitely not healthy.
    Appearantly he thinks it's cool to be drinking alcohol while he might get real issues (if that wasn't a lie (the on call thing) because that's what I think it was). If you take your job seriously, sure, drink a beer or two but he was downing vodka, highly irresponsible and immature if you ask me.
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    @Condor But but. I can't help it 🙁
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    Different server for each site?? Doesn't seem very cost effective to me!
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    he is a shame for all sysadmins
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    @stop He's a wordpress dev/designer xD
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    @linuxxx he should hope that his boss/client didnt heard what he said.
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    I don't understand the expression "to be on call"?
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    @matsaki95 ah, that sounds destructive for your health indeed.
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    @matsaki95 @TempestasLudi very close. I'm not available for tech support calls but for server disruptions. Also only server wide disruptions so if something's wrong with your site and you call me, I'll friendly tell you to fuck off :)
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    Not that implausible go be on call all time.. I've been last 7 years or so. Basically responsible for my company's servers running our stuff..

    Of course we're not the most sensitive in regards to outages etc as everything has been built so they they can fail and not damage us too much... Basically everything non DB stuff is running behind load balancer and can operate at some minimal level without DB.

    And thank God for linode servers which seem to be rock solid with lighting fast response times for outages.

    Wouldn't want to do that for wp though :p
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    Ask him about XSS or CSRF. If he doesn't know that being a "security expert", maybe it's reasonable to avoid working with him?
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