If you live in a major city and to stand still or walk slow on the left side of escalators/stairs then fuck you.

You wander around in complete ignorance of the countless last second train misses you cause.

Fuck you, go back to you slow town in the sticks!

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    What? You stand still on the left and walk past on the right!

    Or do you come from some backwards land like the loosely associated states of america
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    Canada. Like America but without as much stupidity and with a functioning democracy...
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    Oh yeah that some fucking annoying shit! I’m Canadian too (changed my shirt ;)) and this is supposed to be basic citizenship, but yeah, some people don’t understand the concept of left = fast and right = slow , they prefer all the fucking pace = slow. We’re supposed to be nice! (Tho actually it might happen a lot less in Canada and that we’re in fact nice, hmmmmm)
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    The worst part is when you ask them nicely to "fuck off" (not my literal words of course) they are offended most of the times.
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    And something completely unrelated, why do 9 out of 10 bikes and scooters, go to the left when you are ringing your bell when you want to move past but they are driving in the center of the bikelane? Nowadays I just go past them and drive them of the road because I don't want to decelerate down to walking speed because they are cutting me off.
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    Codex404 I completely agree. They look at you like...

    “What are you in such a hurry for?”

    I’m in a hurry to work hard and afford to live in this city you slow walking bitch
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    @leanrob I'm never in a hurry but I just can't stand still to long because of my dead knees
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