Today I got told to stop using a repo and work directly from the FTP server.

Today sucked. That is all

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    Auto deploy to the ftp via git hook...
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    Already asked to do that. Project leader 'doesn't like repos'
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    @fives project lead can go suck a mighty warm turd. Just setup auto deploy over FTP and everyone stays happy... kinda.
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    You don't know this guy. He built my directors first enterprise single handedly so what he says goes for the next few weeks Just gotta suck it up 😪
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    @fives Run. Run fast. Don't look back.
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    @magicMirror I'll give it a chance and patience. Everything else is great to be fair
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    That first "whoops! Gotta revert... oh crap." Or "hey, I just modified that file! Now prod is down!" Should convince him why repos are a thing.
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    You either use repos and don't fuck up, or fuck up really huge and only then understand the importance of repos and actually use them
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    That would be the same as destroying all weels in the world and go back to using sleds again for transport. - It will somewhat work, but is a huge pain in the ass and beware if there is a steep hill in front of you...

    Your project leader does not deserve that job.
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    Thanks for all your feedback guys. This is why I love devrant.

    Something with be done about this
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    I meant brilliant ffs
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