Thanks python for solving a task in 20 lines of code

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    Haha, 46 in my case. Testing TCP connections on all outbound ports from 1 - 65535 behind firewalls :)
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    @filthyranter mine was changing a number in every line of every file in a folder
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    I'm still learning it but the syntax is really rather compact and nice to work with. Clear code and lacking having to do matching brace checks constantly like in other languages is refreshing!
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    @arcadesdude i fucking hate that i cant see the logical block fron the braces tho
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    This is one of the reasons I love Ruby so much 😊
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    Its the wielder who is powerful. So thank yourself to make it possible within 20 lines
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    @py2js thank you devrant user sharktits for solving a problem in 20 lines
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    Or rather, thanks python libraries :)
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    @Cyanide only thing i used was the os library and its stl so
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    I once had to rewrite an existing binary that was several megabytes large to fit it into the new software landscape we were building. Yep, about 20 lines of python did the trick.
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