"This website has to work in IE"

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    "Have you been under a rock the last 10 years?"

    Who in the right mind relies on IE? Sure, it is pre-installed on windows. But everything that relies on IE is pre-2000 technology and should be replaced anyway.
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    @YouAreAPIRate not always true, unfortunately. A lot of businesses use IE because it’s the only browser they are permitted to use. Many reasons why, none of them good. I work for a SaaS company and about 70% of our users are IE based.

    ...anyway, it’s the worst and most definitely should be thrown out into space where no one can ever use it again...😭
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    @towxcatx it's also because webdevs have this attitude that businesses feel like not updating
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    @YouAreAPIRate I don't get why it's so hard for people making a site work on ie
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    I feel your pain.
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    @YouAreAPIRate It's pre-installed on windows so it's easier for the user to get a better browser
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    @noogli there are many bugs and quirks in IE and several api's aren't implemented or implemented differently there. Because of that several new frameworks don't support IE, be it js or css. And even if you think it works IE will still throw an unexpected bug in your face.

    Edge has become better (i heard it's even more standard compliant than chrome or firefox) and might be a respectable browser. But it only comes with windows 8 upwards.

    Joke from a conference: "open html in IE. Does IE screw up the CSS? If yes then it's html5"
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    @Dropkick500 i prefer my 5 year old usb-stick with an installation-program of firefox 15 hidden below 3 levels of folders on a far32 filesystem.
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    @YouAreAPIRate i developed 3 webapps with angularjs/5 and.net core they all work fine and I hardly spent any time specifically for ie Just had some issues with Fileupload on ie but that was a 3 hours fix
    I know it's not as smooth as chrome but it is usable most of the time
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    - VMWare ESXi
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    @YouAreAPIRate What a creative way
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