A little while ago I was on my way home from work sitting on the train and then this guy sat down next to me.

Pulled out a laptop and suddenly opened a code editor!

I just tried to determine what programming language he was doing and after about 5 minutes I finally was about to ask him...

Then he copied his 'code' into excel.

Well, all the excitement went to a pub to get drunk at that moment I think.

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    Oh, that's disappointing :/
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    @ThatDude what's extroverted on this?
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    @plusgut the fact that I was about to ask that guy what he was writing :)
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    wouldn't somebody who is strongly extroverted, ask him right away?
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    @ThatDude I would consider it, but never actually do it :p
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    My dad writes Excel macros for his job, but has found that Notepad++ is really great because it lets you see any missing brackets. I'm so proud that he does pseudo a programming at work!
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    @linuxxx I'm a little confused. What 'code editor' was he using to create simple excel formulas? And why would he even use a code editor or IDE for that... was he trying to catch excel formula syntax errors... was he trying to compile mathematical equations and catch runtime errors before accidentally miss-balancing his fucking check book?!? :p
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    @greenhouse less about the formulas I guess, and more towards macros.
    Also it's easier to write them in your favorite editor than in natively Excel.
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    I’d guess he was probably writing Visual Basic for applications, can do a lot with excel these days
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    @Noob if there is such a thing as 'easy' or 'favourite' when it comes to the tangled shitstorm mess that is macro programs
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    @linuxxxx (did I get that right?)
    You always have so much to tell. Love your rants. Cheers.

    Have you figured out what he programmed in though? Like at least a guess?
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    @greenhouse Don't remember the name but it was deffo a specific code editor with even syntax highlighting :)
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    @Rethought Nice to hear that! And nope it's with three x's :P
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    @ThatDude do you remember that I'd reveal something tonight? ;)
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    Well hey, Excell does get some serious shit done
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    @nixclusive0 I've used it a few times and damn its a pain in the ass!
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