For my design thesis I'm gonna design a banking app for kids. And i'd like to have a look at competitors apps screendesign.
Is it possible to open android and/or iphone apps in android studio/xcode in order to have a look at the screen designs?

Because I'm no kid or parent so getting accsess the legit way is out of question.

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    it is possible for both platforms.
    But why? can't you take some screen shots, instead of RCE?
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    @irene it's the digital age and kids need to learn how to use their pocket money or grandmas money presents like the grown us. 🙂

    @magicMirror cool, is it hard to do?
    banking apps are by design behind a login. So no screenshooting. 😕
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    Yeah use uiautomatorviewer in your $ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools or build-tools.. idk it’s in the bin folder of one of those.

    This tool lets you take a screenshot of the current app on screen (as in the actual design XML)
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    @heyheni not very hard. most ui layout in android are just binary xmls, that you can extract using a tool like apktool. Ios also employs binary xml, but i cannot recall a tool to dump it atm.
    Just to make sure, you will not get a clean UI images from those, just the layouts.
    Also, in case the app is based around a webview, or if it was built with some crossplatform tol chain like phonegap, xamarin, reactnative - reversing the app won't help you much.
    IMO, you should search for example scrrenshots on the relevant stores, or bank sites.
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    @magicMirror okay thank you very much!
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