You know things just got serious when you reach for pen and paper.

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    no matter how many cool tools are at your disposal, pen and paper are always more intuitive for intensive thinking.
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    a friend of mine has the ipad pro 12" and when we need to sketch wireframes we do it on the ipad together, its awesome!
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    Sketching things out by hand creates a much more powerful memory connection in your brain repo and stimulates the creative juices!
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    @Swifticus "Brain Repo" ! Gold. 😁😁
    You've changed the way I look at my brain now.
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    I do this when I have a sudden brainstorm.
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    I use the biggest window in the house as a giant whiteboard. My parents don't like it much, but they also don't want to spend a ton of money in a whiteboard.
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    Wow! I never imagined my little off-hand comment would catch so much attention. Thank you all for making devRant great :-)
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    as an artist i can claim that is true ahah
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