If there was an anime Based on developers.


Dev : here comes my favorite browser.
Mouse : No, not until I'm here.
Hand : whattttt? What's happening??
Mind : oh NO!! I why's Internet Explorer is loading?!?

Faster Mind : it's mouse, he's behind all this. Only he's powerful enough to pull off something like this.

Time : Developer-san SAVE me!!
IE : it's too late now, if you do anything it will just slow everything down!!! Hahahah

Dev : No it won't, don't ever underestimate a true developer. It's not over yet!!
*Some keyboard key combination

Time : *screams* developerrr-saaaan!!
Hand : wait, I know it, it's happening. We can still save Time-chan.

IE : WHAT!! No, it can't be!!

Dev : here comes Ctrl+Alt+Del. Be gone....

IE : Nooooooooooooo, this isn't happening, Aaaaaa *dead*

Hand : we did it!!!

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    Here you go @Cesar
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    @Aitkotw wow thanks hahaha now i need is the merch for this
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    But... There are anime about developers... Especially game devs...
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    @Alice give me the name please
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    @Cesar don't remember the names of them right now but one of them is from one of the last three anime seasons. (didn't watch anime for some time before my surgery)
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    @Alice ok thanks for the heads up
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    Hand did a great job saving the day lol
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    @gitpush well, it was hand's fault not to control mouse properly but in the end he did contributed in final attack. So, I guess it's even now xD
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    @Cesar Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku is one about a game developer.... Who gets transported to a fantasy game obviously -_-
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    @Alice @Cesar there is "new game", an 2-season anime about a girl joining a game-company. "Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon" features a main charactor who works as developer, but her work is never part of the story.
    "Death march kara haji..." was already mentioned, but the whole programming thing was a setup to introduce the fantasy world.

    Please extend this list.
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    @Cesar @Alice i forgot to mention "yugioh vrains", but unless you understand the game you wont like the anime. And even then the setup is completely bullshit, they use every vague electronics-related word to justify what is happening in their vr world. The summary is "computers are magic and the vr world pretty much is a world with magic where 'hackers' are omnipotent". No rules, no structure...
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    And then comes the hentai dev and hand. 😂😂
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