If there was an anime Based on developers.


Dev : here comes my favorite browser.
Mouse : No, not until I'm here.
Hand : whattttt? What's happening??
Mind : oh NO!! I why's Internet Explorer is loading?!?

Faster Mind : it's mouse, he's behind all this. Only he's powerful enough to pull off something like this.

Time : Developer-san SAVE me!!
IE : it's too late now, if you do anything it will just slow everything down!!! Hahahah

Dev : No it won't, don't ever underestimate a true developer. It's not over yet!!
*Some keyboard key combination

Time : *screams* developerrr-saaaan!!
Hand : wait, I know it, it's happening. We can still save Time-chan.

IE : WHAT!! No, it can't be!!

Dev : here comes Ctrl+Alt+Del. Be gone....

IE : Nooooooooooooo, this isn't happening, Aaaaaa *dead*

Hand : we did it!!!

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    Here you go @Cesar
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    @Aitkotw wow thanks hahaha now i need is the merch for this
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    @Alice give me the name please
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    @Alice ok thanks for the heads up
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    Hand did a great job saving the day lol
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    @gitpush well, it was hand's fault not to control mouse properly but in the end he did contributed in final attack. So, I guess it's even now xD
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    @Cesar Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku is one about a game developer.... Who gets transported to a fantasy game obviously -_-
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    @Alice @Cesar there is "new game", an 2-season anime about a girl joining a game-company. "Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon" features a main charactor who works as developer, but her work is never part of the story.
    "Death march kara haji..." was already mentioned, but the whole programming thing was a setup to introduce the fantasy world.

    Please extend this list.
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    @Cesar @Alice i forgot to mention "yugioh vrains", but unless you understand the game you wont like the anime. And even then the setup is completely bullshit, they use every vague electronics-related word to justify what is happening in their vr world. The summary is "computers are magic and the vr world pretty much is a world with magic where 'hackers' are omnipotent". No rules, no structure...
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    And then comes the hentai dev and hand. 😂😂
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