Lesson of the day: never assume a language is bad based on internet comments.

PHP is awesome and solve most of my problems, I'm enjoying more to develop the server side of my app than the app itself and the language is not that complicated to learn and understand.

Do you have any related experience? I would like to hear from you.

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    Actually from my perspective PHP has no so big problems that people are denying it now. It's just that for example with python we can do a lot of stuff for example data analysis and other stuffs inside our server app.
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    @py2js php was never intended to be used for data analysis. You can certainly do it, but why would you? Php was built to build websites. It's good at listening to requests, get some data (from a db or other dtasource), manipulate it and send back a response.
    Php isn't intended to run "forever", like in a while loop
    Php isn't intended to run multithreaded (it is intended to run in multiple processes, for multiple requests, but not to fork stuff)
    Php is intended to run on limited ressources.
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    @py2js You can do everything with PHP, PHP doesn't have many big issues (the execution model is probably the only big one that remains since it makes it virtually impossible to build a good higher level framework for it without ruining performance).

    The problem with PHP is that a high number of fairly trivial issues are left unfixed to preserve backwards compatibility. things like DateTime::ISO8601 not being compatible with ISO-8601 (DateTime:ATOM is though) isn't a big issue by itself but when the language and its standard library has hundreds of such issues it starts to waste time, when i review for example python code i can just skim over the code to check that it looks sane and maintainable because it will do pretty much exactly what it says it does (heck, if i read python code out loud a non developer could probably understand what it does), with php i have to actually read the code and sometimes double check the docs to make sure no-one stepped on a landmine.
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    PHP was originally build as a templating language to fill the gaps between C and HTML so you didn5have to recompile for every little change. Now days you can run a fully async websocket server in it and can even strip out the actual http server. I'm not denying there aren't many inconsistencies in the language structure and loads of tricky problems for the advanced users but don't compare it to your favourite language. Yours will always come on top. As the others said before me, you can do everything with it but it doesn't mean it is the best at everything.
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