I have lost now another device to planned obscolence (how is that still legal), my g3 officially took its last breath two days ago, first it was its battery dying (thousands of devices broke that way [exactly two years after buying it] and at that time there was no batteries to replace it with) - whoever was brave enough to hold onto his device for longer than the battery failure - he then faced the simcard reader breaking and that was my case now too.

I asked many colleagues for help and even found a guy that does repairs for the oldest phones (got too excited), but even he couldnt find the issue, besides a guess that its the main chip that partially died on purpose or it got somewhere desoldered by the always and poorly managed overheating issue, which would cost almost the same to replace as just getting a new phone in the end and even then, theres probably a third switch they planned, to give you the final bullet.

I got a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 now and really gotta say they have an amazing near vanilla android experience and their "two phone" isolated spaces are quite handy to seperate work and private notifications, apps and files.

It was even compatible with lineageOS and has a simple website to unlock the bootloader (a first for me, never saw any company making it that easy), but after trying their version of it, I don't even have to switch.

I will still miss the vibration motor of the g3, the feedback of it when typing is still to this day the best one I ever tried.

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    LG G3 previous user here, it totally sucks, and mine died to boot up
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    @CozyPlanes it sucks that it got designed to fail or the device itself? since I personally had a blast with it and tried all I could to keep it alive, its really a great device, if it wasn't about them engineering failure.
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    @JoshBent Why not just get another g3 then? They cant be that expensive anymore.
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    @jhh2450 because it would be an endless cycle of fixing it up, they are all designed to break in multiple stages - sooner or later, sadly
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    @JoshBent Right, but $100 or so for a year and half to two years with a phone you like doesn't seem too bad to me. Especially with modern flagships setting you back at least $600
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    @jhh2450 its a pain having to setup a new phone each time too though, especially because I have to request atleast 15 physical letters from different companies to get it all activated, it might have been an option for a while, but at some point people would stop selling it or the battery would stop selling too and the xiaomi was also just around 200$ (which specs can easily bite on flagships) :)
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    Two phone isolated spaces? Android has had multiple users since kitkat.
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    @electrineer not sure if it works the same, because last time I had tried the users system it wouldnt fully isolate the two from each other? if you know any updates I would be glad to hear them
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