If you use a light theme for your IDE then...

I don’t, like, hate you.

But it don’t understand you.

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    Light theme + aviator sunglasses = swag though.
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    I use dark theme on my desktop but light theme on my laptop, i am the hybrid
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    Yeah and you think we love you. 😂 I use light theme deal with it
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    I try to avoid extreme ambient darkness while using a light theme, and extreme ambient lightness while using a dark theme. And even then, not all of my programs have a dark theme, so there's usually a smattering of light levels on my monitors. So my eyes don't explode, I try to get up every hour to stretch and look outside for a few minutes.
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    @irene subjective for yourself ofc :D

    I can't look at light themes for my own eye issues and I find it much less distracting personally
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    @irene That's just a case of hopping on a bandwagon (weird phrase to say that they are hopping on one side for the sake of joining the club).

    I don't dislike light theme, I used solarized light at work for example - I just don't agree on black on bright white - you need a warm colour at the back and a soft dark shade on the front otherwise it's going to cause eye strain.
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    7:00 - 18:00 -> Light theme

    18:01 -> 6:59 -> Dark theme

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    There's an app for that!™
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    It's very very simple. It's a personal preference nothing more.
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    Reasons I prefer light themes,

    1. Most websites and apps have light backgrounds. Switching between code (dark) and web/apps (light) is too stressful for eyes.

    2. Laptop screen is glossy. Ambient light messes up readability with dark themes.

    When using light themes, I keep laptop brightness to the minimum and it works best for me.
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    @irene Thanks :) For some time, I used to use those browser plugins that would invert colors of light websites. But deep inside I felt I was killing the originality of those websites. So I stopped that and instead changed my code themes to light ones.
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