Suggestions for a good mechanical keyboard < $100.

I got a very cheap basic one for my home office and it's amazing to type on! It's very loud so I don't want to bring it to work and it was pretty cheap so I'm not sure how it will hold up to 8-10 hours of programming a day. I'd like to get one for the office, as a treat to myself for my promotion, but most of the suggestions I've gotten so far have been to drop $160 on Das Keyboard. I'd love to but I can't drop that much on a keyboard now.

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    keyboards keyboards keyboards

    get an IBM Model M
    the best keyboard ever made.
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    Good 10-key option: https://amazon.com/gp/aw/...

    Good 10-keyless option: https://amazon.com/gp/aw/...

    I've have one Eagletech and one Red Dragon (one for work and one for home) for about a year and no issues. I also have a Ducky Shine Mini...it stays on a shelf and I keep using these two.
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    Logitech G610/G810.

    Nice and clean design, like a usual keyboard and not such a gaming keyboard design with useless edges and lighting everywhere.

    Some useful special keys for multimedia, and I really like the roller for volume control.

    What I also like is that the F-keys are more to the left side than on most other mechanical keyboards, what makes some shortcuts more comfortable (I use TotalCommander, which has some important shortcuts on alt-F1 to alt-F3)

    The 610 is more basic, just white leds, cherry switches, a bit cheaper.

    But it's not all good, 4 of my colleagues also have a G610 or G810, and one had issues with a broken key cap, I had a problem with a chattering enter key, which was based on loosening support-brackets for that big key cap. So I glued the cap to the brackets, but it seems to reappear now, after a few month (still don't know how to handle it this time )
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    Guess I should have added I work on a Mac. Some good options on here but I don't know what they mean when they say "Limited Mac support"
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    For mac you've got limited options.

    but these should be good (Mathias Quiet Pro)
    Matias Products
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I ended up going with the Red Dragon that @machoog546 suggested. So far so good, loud as hell though.
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