Privacy nightmare!

So i had bought a second hand iPhone and it seemed the phone was reset as it had only the default apps.

But as soon as I downloaded Google Chrome on to it, things started to get weird. When i opened the newly downloaded Google Chrome app, it showed someone else's Google account already logged in Chrome. I went to the Chrome settings and the account section gave me full control over this person's Google account.

Not wanting any trouble, i didn't go further and removed that account from the browser.

I then logged in to Google Chrome via one of my "project specific" google account i had created months ago and it added fine. But guess what I found when checking out safari browser.

Safari has somehow synced bookmarks from my main & personal Google account!!

I'm just stunned. I didn't even provide gmail id of my personal Google account and safari somehow was able to get bookmarks from it.

I'm kind of scared now. 😵

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    @DLMousey i had no idea about that. Going through phone settings, i saw something that said keychain..

    It is turned off apparently. I didn't mess with it at all.
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    Why would you not reset the phone when you got it?
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    @bahua they had said it was reset. i have never used iPhone. So I was confused with whole thing
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