I Began Learning Programming At 12 years-old
with a phone.
Now , I'm 14-years old and have a Laptop !

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    Me too. I also started programming on my phone when I was 12.
    I didn't get a laptop until three months before I turned 17.
    So almost 5 years of programming on my phone.
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    Started programming when I was 8 on my dad PC.
    Now I'm 18 and I still don't have a fucking laptop.
    Only Linux tablet which is kinda useless without BT keyboard and mouse. But well good enough sometimes even without keyboard.
    And an PC.
    And from today got access to server.
    So be happy that you have your laptops.
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    @Haxk20 I didn't even know the word programming at my age 8. I started to code in qbasic at my age 12 in my wooden desktop😑
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    That's why you buy it yourself. :)
    My parents weren't going to get one for me, so I saved up and bought myself a thinkpad for about $200.

    They were mad about it and took it away for a month when it came in the mail. After a while, they got over it, and gave it back.
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    @Michelle of course I buy it myself but its not easy.
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    I understand. It takes a while, especially if you're not allowed to work. My parents won't let me work for some reason. Not sure why.

    Anyway, it'll be worth it. If you don't work, ask your parents for an allowance, and save up. It'll take longer that way, but getting a laptop later is better than never getting one.

    Asking your parents to buy it is out of the question. Most likely they'll say no, as most parents do. It's annoying, but you can't change their minds.
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    @Michelle I'm 18 that's most likely good as I can work and they allowed me to work when I was 16.
    But I would need a good specs since it will compile looooot of stuff.
    But I'm sure I can find it cheap.
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    Got started on my laptop, tried coding on my phone, gave up 5 minutes later
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    @heyheni Nope, It was Dcoder
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    Well, good luck with that. :)
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    I'm 16.89 years old (approx), I gained my exposure to computers back around 2008 but I was too afraid to go offlimits as it was scared to fuck it up. I only played games at first then got idea of how things worked when I used cheat engine with them. I learned to use scratch but couldn't do anything great.
    I moved to linux for the very first time around 2015-16 and my life changed thereafter. I learned to code cuz I thought it was cool. And here I am now, still learning more and more stuff.
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    I started programming when I was 9 on family PC (fun fact - it had AMD Athlon processor, that’s where my nick comes from) with back then Windows XP. Started with Batch scripts, The Games Factory, and some web development (I even made a website for my first client when I was 13). I got my own laptop at the age of 15 (Dell Latitude E6320). I was saving for it for 1.5 year. Just imagine how happy I was when DHL courier gave it to me 😀

    Now I’m almost 18 with my own desktop PC.
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