I have been using Windows for decades. Recently got a Macbook Pro. In just a week, I realise that I have been working in such a slow paced environment. Constant updates, background tasks, internet chewing, more load and build times. I don't know about other stuff, but for programming and development, I have completely replaced Windows with this new machine.

Btw, this PC has better hardware than the Macbook Pro.

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    The macbook pro has better hardware or the other way around? Got confused on the last comment.
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    Mbp deserves their high price, hardware assembly is awesome. Osx gives you best of the both world
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    Welcome to the pack of people who look at developers using Windows and just think...


    (C# and .NET devs excluded)

    Now once you get some amazing dev apps on that Mac your life will be even better!
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    @AleCx04 the windows machine I have has better hardware.
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    @samarthagarwal ahh got you. Yeah for the most part most high end laptops with windows will have better specs, that is true. The experience is still smooth af on Macbooks tho.
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    @AleCx04 yeah, I used to feel I have a great PC (it is specs-wise), I was happy lol. Now that I see so much better compile times and build times, I am so much happier.
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    @rookiemaverick brew for sure. Kaleidoscope for a diff tool.

    Tower as a git tool.

    Sketch for design.

    Dash for documentation searching and snippets.

    Paw for API testing.

    Quiver as a developer notebook.

    A lot of great apps for the platform that I use all the time.
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