If that doesn't help, "working from home", which means posting random PRs from my emergency pile every two hours, while shooting noobs in Overwatch.

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    @irene Drugs are kind of OK in Netherlands
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    @Jop- that's a good answer!

    @bittersweet also batch resolving bug tickets.
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    @Jop- You have that reversed. The government doesn't think they're OK, but the population, on average, does.

    The Netherlands scores very high when it comes to people having used cannabis, amphetamine, LSD or MDMA at least once in their lives. At the same time, they're scoring very low on problematic users.

    I have used at least 30 different substances in the last 20 years, but don't use drugs more than once a month, and always in very sensible doses.
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    @irene Both are on the list of illegal substances, to manufacture or trade — being under influence and possessing "user quantities" is "gedoogd" — ignored / allowed.

    Combined with another offense, they can stack up though. If you have an illegal andean mountain cat, three syrian refugees and a few tabs of acid in your car, you can get convicted for all of it together. Not that I have experience with that.
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    @bittersweet "Analytical Chemist". I see.;D
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    @daintycode I have worked in a lab testing unknown illicit drugs for users through gcms, and have worked on synthesis of several psychedelics for David E Nichols, and did some research at Johnson & Johnson regarding psilocybine. Never done any illegal manufacturing though, apart from a single coca plant in the 90s, which died horribly because my apartment wasn't tropical enough.
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    @bittersweet Now your rant shines in a completely new light to me..^^
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    Did no one notice he has an emergency stack of PRs? I like that idea!
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    @Lobidu Yes, including a script which quickly rebases on latest master, and sets fake commit timestamps to be spread over the last four hours. 😁
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    What makes something ok exactly?
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    @bittersweet I can't help myself. Every time I read your rants/comments I laugh my ass off. Am I in love?
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    @Divisionbyzero I'm willing to consider a love triangle with you and my girlfriend, depending on whether you're willing to trade backrubs for unit tests.
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