So, there was that post about Valve that send your steam password through an email. I changed my password to see if it was true (I couldn't believe it). And I had to do phone verification....

I thought for a sec it wouldn't stop, but yeah atleast I got the message.

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    Looks a bit like a valve developer got really REALLY tired of getting "verification code not sendi-oh lol nvm" tickets
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    They have multiple messaging services implemented. I've never seen them send a plain text password. Steam's quite safe.

    I bet this is a quirk of that messaging provider itself.
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    Rant update!
    Seems like zoho uses the same provider with the same issue 😂😂
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    @sigfried it's not a password but a 2-factor authentication code.

    Do I really need to explain the difference? (:
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    @xewl I don't get you mean. But I know what 2FA is.
    The thing is I receive that message multiple times in less than a minute.
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    @sigfried yeah, that's stupid indeed... :/ at least you receive the code lol
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