Bought a Chromebook last weekend. Best. Decision. I've. Made.
It's so great. It's so light, it uses USB C to charge (so when I go to visit my parents halfway across the country, I can bring 1 cable for my phone, switch, and laptop), and it's the perfect Android development device, since it runs Android apps and you can use Android studio within crouton.
I have never loved a new device so much, and I remember the days when I mocked Chromebooks because they sucked. Android app support turned that around.

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    (Waiting for the wave of Linux, Windows, Apple fanboys, security fanatics/Google haters etc to rush in)
    Glad you like it!
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    📌 pinning for actual user reviews.
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    Dual boot Linux on an Intel chromebook: https://github.com/reynhout/chrx/...

    I got a dirt cheap 200€ one with Haswell Celeron. The battery lasted for 10h new and still does well enough. It's perfectly capable for my laptop needs. It will not more receive any Google's updates in a year but I'm mostly using GalliumOS anyway on it.

    Also: no android apps for it.
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    I am using an Acer r11 and I have a full robotics + Android development environment set up.
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