I wrote 2 dozens of if else statements

They called it AI.

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    The Turing Test basically tells us pretending to be smart is enough.
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    Know that 'AI' from Pacman?

    Ever got the creeps and thought the ghosts are plotting against you?

    It's basically an if clause with a random generator. Legit.
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    Where did you read the code for PacMan, out of curiosity? I’d love a look at the source. Is it written in C?
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    Wrote a game in game maker for college.

    Little Pac-Man ghosties.

    Literally just wrote some if statements to boundary check so they could travel around little enclosed areas by themselves and chase the player.

    People thought it was 1337.

    “In the end, everything is an if” - me
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    As long as they didn't call it machine learning.
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    In my opinion the human brain isn‘t more than a humongous amount of if else statements. And we call that thing intelligent.
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