Crap. The DVD drive of my pc has eaten one of my CD's. Well, most of it. Those 2 pieces are the only ones coming out of the drive. 😕

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    Happened to me once, but I was able to open the drive and clean the rest of disc shards.
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    It’s probably a sign to stop using CDs and DVDs
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    You actually use that coffee cup holder?
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    @blem14 I was going to try that, but I think I'm going to wait until my 2 kids are in bed 8)
    I didn't have much use of the pincers. I can't even see the missing pieces.
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    @growling @C0D4 I don't. The thing is, I had a CD player in my old car and I don't have one in my new car. It's basically just a radio with a usb drive and a aux input. No internet, no Bluetooth.

    I was ripping a couple of dozens of CDs to put them on a usb stick. Don't even use usb sticks much anymore. They both still have their use apparently.

    Also, last night I've burnt 8 CDs for my wife's class. She's a violin teacher (hence the violin on the pic). You're going to love the title of the music book: Strings for Fun 😁
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    Hmmm maybe you should feed it more often so it doesn’t get that hungry? Hahaha.... I’ll be going now 😅
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    @MikeOcasio That's funny. I was thinking the exact same thing. Maybe it's because I've starved it out to death and then brute forced it fois gras style. It must've gotten an indigestion. 😁
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    @FunkDelegate at least it got full before the whole cd was gone so it’s not too bad 😆
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    @AlexDeLarge Yeah, I was expecting those. It certainly wasn't me who upvoted them.

    Edit: still, I don't mind when it's funny 8)
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    gives new meaning to the term "internal storage" =D
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    A few years ago when pc powerplay started doing demos on discs, it had a few damn good quality demos, one day tried playing that sucker and *BANG* , see a shard pierced through the case, lodged in it right next to my leg.

    Never again.
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    @D--M could've been a hardcore DevRant post 😁
    I see a pic of your leg with a fragment in it, right next to your "hello world" tattoo
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    Oh man, bummer. But the ZIP drive is okay, right?

    If not, you'd better fax your travel agent and get a smoking seat on the next Eastern Airlines flight to Idlewild.
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    @bahua at first sight the drive is pretty fucked up. It won't close (or, more accurately: stay closed) and I can't shut down my pc without using the power switch... Stay tuned for more updates 8)
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    It took me a couple years to realize it, but after steam came out in 2004 or so, the only use I ever had for an optical drive was installing the OS. By the time I realized it, most new motherboards supported booting from USB.
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    I think you will need a new CD. and a DVD drive
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    @darxor I think so too.
    UPDATE: I've lured most fragments out by holding the whole thing upside down and shaking it a bit 8) I've managed to reconstruct about 95% of the CD. So some pieces are left inside.

    I've tried to take the drive out of the casing, but I've failed miserably. The guy who screwed the screws on might as well have welded them on it. I've been able to unscrew 3 of the resistent little fuckers by using pincers on the screwdriver. The fourth one has gotten mutilated in the process. That mutant screw is now invulnerable to screwdrivers 😑 Maybe I can drill the screw out? But I'm afraid the other components won't appreciate the vibrations a lot. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Did you try turning it off and on again?
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    @hellvetica I've pulled all the cables out and put them back in. Does that count? 8)
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    @nblackburn It was supposed to READ it, not eat it 8)
    Quite unexpected behaviour
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    CD drive hungry
    CD drive eats CD
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    I hope that never happens when I rip all of my CDs to FLAC
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