Y'all ain't gonna believe this shit... I'm at Starbucks, coding on my laptop. I just came outside to smoke a cigarette and right after I lit it, bird shit landed on the ground two feet to my right. 😥

Close call...

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    If bird pooped on your cigarette, that's a story.
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    @CurseMeSlowly 😂 If that happened, I wouldn't even be mad. I mean, the odds...

    Life is really kicking me in the balls - repeatedly - right now. A bird shitting on my head would just be icing on the cake right now.
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    You will get through this 😊 whatever this is. I am fighting my life with one day at a time too.
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    You're right. We don't believe you were at Starbucks.

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    It's a good omen. Now if it had hit you, that'd be different.
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    Believe me, you don't want to fight your life over filing build packages for Node.js. I am recently dealing with SQLite3, and it's a NIGHTMARE, I CANT EVEN NPM START IT
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