I'm just starting on the dev world. I only taken Java and C++.(Both professors knew their coding however, sucked balls at teaching it). now i am here looking at this post scared as shit for my future.. damn what did i get myself into?

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    Don't worry mate! I'm self-taught and it isn't as bad as it feels. Just be sure you want this and own it.

    We're here for ya!
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    When you first get started, real-world programming can seem totally different from what you learned in school, but soon you will find that it isn't!

    In school, you usually learn the concepts that you'll have to apply on the job - basics of the tools of the trade. On the job, you'll build upon those basics to create stuff that's really cool.

    As long as you enjoy the problem-solving side of programming, then you will succeed. Never give up on the hard tasks, and ask for help when you need it.
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    You got into a great profession. Congrats. Hang out on devRant and continue to learn on the job. I have been in tech for decades and enjoy it more now than ever. Ask us any questions.
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    I learned 90% of what I know after I started working. College can only give you so much. Just keep trying and you'll be fine.
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    Development IS hard work but it is so much more rewarding for me than any other career option would ever be. I feel so powerful behind a keyboard 😌
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    thanks for all the support!. it really helps knowing that their is still hope! lol. Yes i really want this profession. any one knows any good books to read that would help me learn. there are so many put there. or just tips and tricks of the trade.
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    @jorgecastillodp I've never read any books, but you should sign up for newsletters, scavenge for articles, and above all - KEEP CODING! The only time I stopped improving was when I stopped doing it. Stick with it, keep the passion, and you will absolutely succeed :) Also I am a mid-level dev and I still google the stupidest shit sometimes. Admitting ignorance is key 🤗
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    Java coders are short supply I was talking to a recruiter that we deal with and he was saying he had a huge need for Java coders and had about six roles all over 60k GBP that's not bad shame I'm not a Java coder
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    You are in for an awesome career.
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