- working on a personal project
- got angry at windows for sucking so bad at running fucking vs code of all things
- banged the palm rest on laptop in rage
- windows freezes
- restart
- harddisk died
- lost my collection of notes from college
- lost all my photos
- but most importantly, lost my progress on a project that I was working on and hadn't git push

Lession learned. Always have a backup. ALWAYS.

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    Lesson learned : do not hit your laptop.
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    @donnico Haha. That too 😅
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    This was supposed to be on wk98 wtf
    I'm dumb. I'm really dumb. I can't numbers.
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    @succ Nah, it's better that way. You might confuse someone reading the weekly rants in the future:

    "Okay, how to go through the day... Wait... The guy breaks his laptop to make his job bearable? WTF?!"
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    Lesson learned: always git push
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    Lesson learned : love your machine.
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