Started out as an intern at my current employer, after a few months they made me create an invoicing system...

I should have said no.

I've had a lot of bugs with it in the past, but the data-loss one has been because I send a SOAP call to our (third party) accounting system and only if I get an ERROR do I log it....

Apparently, when you put line 1 before line 0, you get a warning, but no data is processed...

Had to write a script that updated 4 months of invoice data in one go, without errors, took me a fucking week...

Lesson learnt boys and girls, never let an intern make the fucking invoicing system!

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    But did they pay you as an intern?
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    @Devnergy obviously lol, if you do an unpaidinternship you're doing something wrong
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    @FMashiro I had an interview way back. Part of the employment exam was to fix the actual systems functionality lol so for free but I just did it anyone. End story they offered me the job 👊😎
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