"What we can do to get all on time? ", manager asks
"Can we have 4 more developers on the project?", dev asks
"No, that's not gonna happen. Let's be realistic", manager says
"Is it realistic to ask 3 devs to ship 20 features in a week, reviewed and tested?" dev asks
"Actually 2 of you, because our contractor goes into a vacation. But you can do overtimes, can't you?"
"I prefer not to but even in that case I can't guarantee that as it's not realistic. But at least can I leave earlier and work more from home more because there are severe delays on the train lines and if I have to commute 4 hours a day it won't help", dev says
"Well, I'm not sure if that's a good idea. You have to communicate with people, you know. We have to ship things. But we can discuss this tomorrow as I have to leave early today. I have to take my kids from school"

Really? Wtf?

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    This looks very Indian. Are you from Mumbai, by chance? ;p
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    That's international problem!
    I saw the same in 3 different countries.

    No, it's in Europe.
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    Put the stories on the table and ask pm to prioritize them and/or remove some. Professional way to land most efficiently, and with best business value possible. Adding resources should be done carefully, too, as it decreases velocity for a while. Devs should strive to stand up and get some respect! We care about product quality and happy customers.

    (did I read PPP of Robert C Martin yesterday? Yes.)
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    @abhn reminds me of a client once where all the men were like half committed and they passed off all the actual work to the female team lead. Made me think, is this because everyone is Indian, or sexist or just a coincidence of assholes?
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