Always I see black screen while developers written code. what is that? a specific language or environment?

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    it's usualy SublimeText with Material theme
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    @orijin thanks. pure style then! nice.
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    @reesmid you're welcome! ^^
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    @orijin sublime with material theme only way to go!
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    Atom is better. 😁
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    @Djeisen i tried to use Atom. in fact i tried for 3 months because it really is a cool editor. but it's slow, can be memory heavy, it has a really bad support for cmd+R function search and the killer that forced me to go back to sublime is it can't handle files with really long lines, like a big csv or minified css/js. so no it is not better, sublime kicks it's ass
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    That will be: emacs -bg black
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    @orijin I personally found that atom drained my battery in about 2 hours of coding.
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    Could also be any of the JetBrains IDEs with the darcula theme.
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    @Willyb321 is other thing, dimension,
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