Hope this is as good as it looks!

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    will u post an update?
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    @coffeeholic It may be a week or so, but I'll try and remember.

    I can't read as well as I used to. Read a 700 page book in 3 days when I was 12 or so. But I've lost that attention span. Plus I'm really busy with school... Exams are coming up soon as well
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    *screaming in the distance* BOOOOOOK.

    Sorry. If I see a book, I get excited. And looks like I just got triggered to read. :D
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    Well my dude you know what they say about judging a book by its cover :P hope its great tho, let us know!!
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    @AleCx04 That's why I read a short description and some reviews 😂😂

    @Michelle I understand lol. When I was middle school I had my face in a book 95% of the time. It got to the point I ran out of books I wanted to read in the school library.
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    I absolutely have no self control when it comes to books. I finished a 1,000 page book in a week so I decided to stop going too fast.

    I lied to myself and ended up finishing 6 more books in 3 days. (These books were only around 400 pages so a quick read.)
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    It's quite simple actually. I try to limit myself to no more and no less than 100 pages a day, so its easy to finish a 400 page book in 4 days.

    But sometimes if I get too obsessed with the book, I'll read all 400 pages in a day, and then get a new book from my bookshelf, and start reading the new book immediately.
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    Sorry guys I've been too busy. I'll be cracking it open during the first of the week!
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