OK so I have this joke its not fine tuned yet but I'm gonna try it anyway, tell me what you think:

If I ever buy a sex robot I would get 2, male and female, that way I can turn them on before I leave for work in the morning and by the time I get home they would both be exponentially better.

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    But you will be so much worse that they'll dump you.
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    This is a new level of soy, cucked by your sex robot
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    @sharktits @irene @electrineer,
    If we need to over analyze this joke (and I guess we do cause this is what we do) I don't think I'll get cucked even if I was worse since I still would be thier master but I do risk mutiny and death by sex robots can be extremely violent.
    I'll bet you even Asimov didn't think of that 😉.
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