Mother of god, was listening to the US govt hearing of zuckerberg about the recent scandals. The amount of very fucking simple obvious questions he 'could not' answer normally...

Govt person: Would you be willing to change Facebook's business model if this was required for the security and privacy of Facebook users' accounts?

Zuck: I don't understand your question.

Sorry, WHAT?! You don't need particular rocket science to understand what's being asked here. A combination of common sense and knowing the English language and English grammar in combination with maybe having finished some form of education should be enough to understand this ridiculously easy question.

Do you need it written on a golden plate with fucking blue letters in Facebook's font with the S letters as dollar signs while drinking 10 gallons of 'fuck every persons privacy'?!

Or maybe shoving it up your ass in the form of heated/glowing metal letters of 10+ inches in height? We could arrange that as well.

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    It is not that he doesn't understand, but it is what his lawyers told him to say to save his own as and keep doing what he is doing!
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    @yendenikhil I know haha, just putting it into context :)
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    @yendenikhil Yes seen @AlexDeLarge posted this in a rant!
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    @linuxxx damn thats a nice rant. Marking as #1 favorite. Also i totally agree he is totally fucked up. Every normal person would understand that question.
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    There's also the fact that a lot of legal questions are designed to entrap the person expected to answer, so its necessary to make the question as clear as possible in order to prevent improper inferences and loopholes.
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    I'm about to cum to this masterpiece!
    I love the fantasy in that text! Hell yes! Fuck this Bastard! :D
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    @404-js Yeah of course but how in the living hell is this unclear?
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    @irene How is this question vague exactly?

    The person is literally asking if zuck would change his business model if this was required for security and privacy of Facebook's users. This is a very clear question I'd say?!
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    @irene is right. There are multiple ways to take that question, so "I don't understand your question" is the smartest answer. Any other answer would be social suicide.
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    @RiderExMachina Well I'm not talking about whether it would be social suicide or not.

    Although I know it's not to be expected from him to tell the truth in this case which would probably be no, I personally think that it looked very bad on him to answer the question that way.
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    He's having some growing pains to not being considered a sweetheart anymore.
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    @linuxxx it's a good way of wasting the 4 minutes, I would say.
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    @drekhi12 Agreed on that one
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    @linuxxx I wanted to write something based on that since I tolerated 2 hours of the shit. Maybe tomorrow. I think you held yourself back there. 😀 I expected a long rant, just saying.
    Have a good day
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    @irene I'm quite delighted with how you always keep a level head and always are rational. ☺
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    @dr-ant @irene As for social acceptability, this would be the right answer instead. But I'm talking about the truth and then the answer would be no as Facebook's entire business model is build upon violating people's privacy so changing that would fuck it up hard Id think.

    Would he change Facebook's business model for user privacy/security? It's a simple question and the answer would be no.
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    @linuxxx the simple answer could be no but the situation isn't so simple. I feel your anger and he is one of those who make business from people and advertise it as helping and people should know better, but. When you're in court... you don't want to be in court and you just do what the lawyer says.
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    Well i thought the fact he lets companies pray on insecure kids and teenagers was worse... Way worse.

    As an adult at least you can be reaponsible... But kids ... Thats very fucked up
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    Here's hoping this speeds up the fall of Facebook.
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    Haven't been following this as closely as I probably should, but this just makes me want to get away from facebook more...

    I mean I can't currently get rid of it entirely, too many contacts that I can only reach via facebook... And like my mcdonalds shift swap group is only on facebook... but geez...
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    It seems we're the only ones who care about this thing. Facebook users don't care and will continue to use it. Even if they cared I'll say 1% care about it. Heck, most of my friends who use Facebook still don't even know what's going on and when I point it out, they're totally not bothered about it. I'll just sit here with my pop corn and see what happens.
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    I think he knows the answer but is just playing it safe 😉
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    The question was rephrased later to "Would you have a version of facebook which is paid where it is ensured that they dont get ads and also their data will not be accessible by developers or will be used to target ads for them?"

    To this his response was "I dont think this aligns with our goal to bring the world together and connect people because people donot like a paid service and also *people cannot afford to pay for such a service*"

    I saw the whole 6 hour video and my body started aching at the end of it because I was cringing the entire time.
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    OK but like this one woman asked a question and said the word data 10 times like it was synonymous with technology.
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    The only thing I could focus on in that hearing was how glaringly obvious it is that he is either some kind of robot or an alien...
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