I don't think devrant would work very well in landscape orientation, but could we please get reverse portrait orientation?

I don't know shit about app development but I'm pretty sure that is an option.

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    Who uses their phone upside down?
    Sideways sure.. although zoomed text would feel weird, but upside down?
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    @C0D4 a friend of mine used his phone this way after it fell and the screen got cracked at the bottom
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    Soft-buttons. I don't care which way around my phone is.
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    Quite often, the hardware graphics acceleration is noticably slower in reverse portrait, though
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    That is interesting. Why though?
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    Basically, when you send data to a LCD controller, you send a stream of pixels, so the LCD controller sets each pixel in its internal memory and moves to the next one. Therefore, there is a preferred drawing direction (say, from left to right, then from top to bottom).

    Ideally, a image to be drawn is in the phone's RAM in the same format, so just the pixel data has to be sent after setting the area to be drawn on.

    For another screen orientation, the image data has to be shuffled around or a new position command for each line (or even pixel) has to be transmitted. Thus, a much larger overhead is necessary.

    Disclaimer: I have no experience with LCD controllers for such high-resolution displays, but several “intermediate range” controllers do it this way.
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    Does your phone have the 180 option?
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