I think I just broke the (only) USB C port on my MacBook so I’m racing to push about 30 git repos before the battery dies forever

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    Just realised my script wasn’t checking out to a new branch and since I was pushing the build to master it triggered CI and I’ve crashed the site.

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    A pool 😱
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    And afterwards pay for a new iPad to get it repaired.
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    And that was the last we heard from @brod
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    @ThreadRipper yeah, and he prob saw the pool in the background as well.
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    And here you are sending a rant about it with a pic, instead of ofcusing on the task at hand. Solid sense of priorities right there 👍
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    @brod, push to master enabled.
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    @Koolstr lol yeah, although in the 8 hours since this post I’ve got a new MacBook, setup my env, un-fucked the git repos and about to start working again 😁
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    @brod lol
    you dont fix a macbook, you buy a new one...😡😠😤😝
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    But but apple is the best, mac books are for professionals, for developers... They break the only Usb-c? Buy a new expensive one... Apple is a really good evil genius, milk your clients till the last cent
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    Lost my usb-c to usb adaptor, boom another 25$ for Apple

    @brod How did you recover your MacBook, time machine backups?

    One time I left my MacBook in the airplane sit pocket after a 2 weeks business trip on the other side of the world, thankfully I had google drive (and GitHub for code!) backup so didn’t loose much

    Oh yea airline never recovered the laptop...
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    @brod Is it safe to presume Apple refused to cover the repair of your former laptop? I wouldn't be surprised; Apple's customer service has gone to shit since Steve Jobs died.

    It took me a week to set up my env when I had to clean wipe my PC. How light is your setup lol
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    @KuMa I actually don’t backup my computers anymore, 95% of what I do is on the cloud somewhere so it was a pretty seamless transition.

    @Koolstr The MacBook is out of warranty (of course) and I’m waiting to hear back on the repair cost.. possibly more than just a bad port
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    @brod Of course they'll charge you more than for the broken port. And please tell me you didn't get AppleCare, that is useless bs. It's pure RNG whether their repair for you is free or cheap or expensive. I know ppl who have AppleCare that still get charged a crapton, and people without who got the repairs for free.

    So it's out of warranty, go try getting it repaired anyway, they often do it anyway from my experience.
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    @zickig I don’t know what you mean, I was the idiot who bought the laptop, Apple didn’t hold a gun to my head.
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    *Begin playing "The Final Countdown"*
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    @KuMa what's the airline's name
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    @SpaceBearOne They are only for watching.
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    Hey! At least Litecoin is up a bit!
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    What, you have that 12" inch version? Man, why?!
    As your next laptop, you should consider buying Dell XPS one
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    @Koolstr just a follow up, it ended up being a free logic board replacement, out of warranty but covered under Australian consumer laws 👌🇦🇺
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    @brod You actually remembered and got back to me, wow lol. Glad it worked out, told ya AppleCare is BS
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