Fuck it, i live in lebanon.

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    sad story, because lebanon could be a really nice country. 😢
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    I guess I'm out of the loop. What's wrong with Lebanon?
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    @Homuncoolus Lebanon is in massive debt on the verge of bankruptcy. The population isn't allowed to withdraw more than $400 a month of their own money from the banks. And the the value of the national currency is going down real fast. So you'd loose all your savings. On top of that there is a massive anti government protest since last year. The young demand change and a perspective.

    Lebanon is rich. But the wealth is held only by a few people. And they couldn't care less as they own the politicians and live in France.
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    @heyheni Thanks for the explanation. Such a shame.
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    @Homuncoolus Lebanon was considered the Switzerland of the East in the 70ties. It was perfectly situated for banking in the region. And it's ties to France meant that it citizens where highly educated.
    But in 1982 a civil war broke out between Christians and Musslims and then Israel invaded. The war crimes in Beirut were so horrible that every side came together and said no more war. And since the 90ties the government is structured in a way that prioritises stability over progress.

    I can highly recommend you the animated movie Walz with Bashir. In which a retired Israeli Soldiers goes on a search of what he expirienced in Lebanon war. Great soundtrack by composer Max Richter.
    Waltz with Bashir on Youtube
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