*deep breath*

Remain calm, don’t freak out, remain calm, don’t freak out.

*deep breath*

Ok, so my sort of new manager (had a slightly different manger-ish role on the team), has for the third time in as many months, just sent an email criticizing the dev team for our working from home-ness (which for the record has not been that bad, 2/3 or 3/3 have been in everyday for the past month)

In this same period, there has been late nights, weekends, successful releases, I’ve been invited to talk at a conference about my work (not a particularly big one, but still). Point is, everything is going well, very well in fact.

There has been no emails discussing our great work, thanking us for extra work, thanking us for picking up slack from other teams who are down a few people etc. no our major concern it seems is the “optics” of our team not being present in the open space.

Our contracts list flexible working hours, and his boss has frequently told us WFH is fine when things are too busy. But no he is complaining for us to get our hours in the office in line and make sure we are in the office more.

It’s been a particularly long and frustrating week, and I’m very tempted to inform him that if he is concerned about my chair and desk looking empty, that I can put them somewhere for him where they will always be occupied until a surgeon can remove them.

However, thanks to the deep breaths, I’ve managed to restrain myself long enough to run this past you all first and ask advice.

Please help,
My sanity

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    Mention your contract stated flexible work hours. If he still gives you shit, bring up the boss saying wfh is ok.

    If he still gives you shit, then go over his head to his boss and explain the situation. Make sure you mention the contract as a refresher for him.
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    there is a store here that sells desktop punching bags. want me to get you one?
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    You complain that im not at the office enough?

    Am i not picking up the slack work from other teams?

    Yes, then if you want to see me more pay me more bitch
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    There are 2 steonng correlated main factors in success, disagreableness and meticoulessness.

    Being agreable is directly correlated with lower pays.

    In this case you are being agreable.

    Just saying :)
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    @Santaclauze find that funny as I’ve been told I’m too negative about certain things and they are trying to force us all into being positive about everything
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    You can be positive but disagreable. Disagreable is not taking shit and showing that you wont take shit which doesnt conflict with being kind and relaxed the rest of the time.

    Also i think youd have to be positive as well beside you are standing up foryourself and showing confidence. That would be paradoxical with displaying negativity.

    Actually being negative and disagreable would just make you an asshole ;)

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    Yeah that’s bullshit. Working late nights, weekends and then you get this shit...
    I’m surprised you kept your cool.
    Honestly, good work on that.
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    This is how you lose good people.
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    @rEaL-jAsE What was he, if you don't mind me asking? (Race/ethnicity) not really sure what the immigration is like in Australia

    That's pretty fucked up and I'd probably bust his head open on my last day.
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    It's nice that my boss is in California. Though it's even nicer that he doesn't subscribe to this, "if I don't see you you're not working" nonsense.
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    @rEaL-jAsE Ahh so he's one of those "you can't be racist towards white people" cunts, it seems? Well at least you're out of that shithole job. I'd work at McDonald's before working for him.
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    Once againt its not about being an asshole or creating a revolution. Its about staying calm and refusing to take some shit. Be DISAGREABLE!!!!@Santaclauze
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    For all i care i wouldn't care?

    I would just escalate it in an e-mail saying that a term in contract has been denied by manager and i expect more pay or to have the terms in the contract restored.

    As i said and i will say before. If they found someone like you and cheaper you wouldn't have worked for them.

    At the end of the day, contract is a contract.
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    @Jmann dick punching is definitely on the top of my list.

    But I need the job for the minute, So I’ve opted for a relatively polite but frank email explaining that we are all under a lot of stress and pressure at the minute and I’m not considering “optics” as my top priority. Also said he’s welcome to call a meeting and we can discuss it as a team instead of covert 1 to 1 meetings were we are told “other members of the team” aren’t happy with us either
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    Copy and paste exactly what you wrote here. CC everything up the food chain. If they don't like it they can fuck off. Don't work where you are shit on. I literally got up and walked out once. And have done it ever since.
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    The guy should not be managing a Dev team. He would be much better suited to a job in a circus, wearing an amusing ginger wig and a large red nose.
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