The level of desire to give my boss a positive klap right now is too damned high.

Cunt flies us across the country to work 4-5 hours of unpaid overtime every day for a week to fix his Royal fuck up, some of my guys decide they gonna take the later uber into work cuz we gonna grab a run or an extra hours sleep cuz we fucking tired after a 13 hour day and this is the shit we get:

No wonder they call it Slaapstad 😜 - guys, no later than 8am at the office please so we can make a collective start.

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    8:00 am at the office? Is that like, standard?

    Sounds like torture to me. My company tried to move the start time from 9:30 am to 9:00 am. That failed miserably. Cannot imagine starting at 8:00 am.

    Also unpaid overtime: just don't do it.
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    @Fradow start is a non issue, I normally work 7am to 3pm,but I am an early riser. Its a different story when u got in at 7,worked 5 hours of unpaid overtime and then get basically called lazy...
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