Just had a feedback session.

Apparently one of my colleague has a problem with me.

The irony is - I didn't even knew the guy's fucking name until now.

Relatable right?

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    @BlueNutterfly soo supportive.
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    So what's the problem? The colour of your socks? I'm massively intrigued
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    @teadrinker I am banned wearing my favorite T-shirt sice <citation> "its distracting my colleagues thanks to its violently red colour" </citation> 😂😂😂
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    @hanuor a bot? Same user liked my rant some minutes ago
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    @CopyPasteCode that's the most pathetic thing I ever heard. If I were you, I would raise an official complaint against the guy, eg "he has a really annoying face which I can't stand looking at".
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    Banned from wearing your favorite shirt because it's distracting?

    Welcome to one of the MANY daily struggles women face. Sucks, don't it?

    It's bullshit. It's just a shirt.
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    @darkShadow07 No, it’s not a bot 😂

    Anyways, that is funny. Reminds me long ago when I was part of a staff team, was doing some development never staffing, so no one knew who I was. Yet they complained I was an asshole? I just sat there laughing since I only sat on my development server while hiding in my hidden office. One the funnier days for me 😂
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    @datawraith @hanour @teadrinker
    Yeah it sucks, but since one of our 35+ yo employees wore <citation>"emo whore"</citation> dress code (and yeah, it looked really fucking bad, especially for one of biggest local companies) and it destroyed potentially highly profitable contract witch some heavily-christian company (long story for another time) we may wear only "corporate" (basically some shirt + trousers) or "smart casual" (basically drab T-shirt + jeans) if we are in a office that is in contact with outside people.
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    The woes of having a bitchface 🤷
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    @darkShadow07 she is definitely not a bot. If she likes something you post she almost always will go to your profile and check out some other rants
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