pm: our client wants a proprietary pdf compression app.
me: Okay gimme 3 days and some sample PDFs.
pm: they won't supply any sample PDFs because they contain confidential information.
me: okay fine, I'll download some from the interwebs.

** 3 days later **

me: here is the pdf compression app. all done and works with all of about 100 PDFs we tested with.
pm: okay great I'll have the client take a look.

** half and hour later **

pm: the client said that the compression app errors out.
me: okay I'll go look at the server logs to see what's up.

** 10 seconds later **

me: what the shit is a "foxit phantompdf" file.
pm: it's the proprietary pdf format that they are using.
me: oh joy. I'll go try to find some sample files and see if I can fix it.

** 1 hour later, no sample files found **

pm: got anything?
me: *sobs obnoxiously*

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    I'm so sorry for you...
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    That sucks man. why cant they just make a file without the private information. I hope they pay your hours...
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    lol what's an obnoxious sob?
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    Why didn't they give you a sample pdf without confidential information? It's so difficult to create? Omg..
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    People just make things harder beacause they want, just use a fucking .pdf... what's wrong with the people!! Sorry dude! Give your best and ask for a raise!! You deserve it
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    Wasn't PDF created as a standard to keep sharing documents simple... then they go and make a proprietary format 😖
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    Dude, stupid clients and stupid devs. Make easy work way harder than it should be.
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    I don't understand why it needs to be proprietary but feel really bad for you.
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    Why the eff are they calling it PDF if it isn't PDF?

    "I want a program to open jpg files. It's not _actually_ jpg since we made our own file format, but hey images are usually called jpg right?"
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